Window Well Covers

Colorado Custom Welding window well covers are designed to protect children and pets from dangerous falls, add extra security to keep out unwanted intruders, and stop debris like leaves, trash, toys, newspapers, tumble weeds, etc.

Our custom steel covers can hold over 800 pounds and come in a variety of powder coating colors to customize the finish to match your exterior.

Cover Style – Bar

Cover Style – Deck Cover

Cover Style – Classic

Cover Style – Poly with expanded metal cover

Cover Style – Poly – This cover is made with a powder coated steel frame.

Tabbed will be see a gap between the cover and the concrete. Full trim is a nice solid piece that covers the whole perimeter of the window well.

This is needed if your widow goes above the window well. This vertical peice is welded to the window well covers. It gives added security and stops trash from getting in the window well.

Some window wells are too large to lift off in case of a emergency. The trap door allows you to go though it instead of lifted the whole window well cover.

Patio Window Well Covers – Tabbed will be see a gap between the cover and the concrete. Full trim is a nice solid piece that covers the whole perimeter of the window well.

This window well cover is designed to allow a crank window to open outwards if the window is above the window well.

Colorado Custom Welding services window well covers and grates for Denver, Colorado Springs, Falcon, Payton, Castle Rock, Highlands Ranch, Littleton, Lakewood, Arvada, Broomfield, Thornton, Boulder, Lafayette, Erie, Longmont, Loveland, Greeley, Fort Collins, Security, Widefield, Fountain, Pueblo, and the rest of the front range.

The 7 Musts for a Window Well Cover

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The frame must have at least 7 support pieces

If there are less then 7 pieces then you will not have enough support and you will get dents in the expanded metal.

Square tubing for main supports

Angle iron or flat strap should NOT be used!! Square tubing has a great surface area for expanded metal to lay on and be welded on. With square tubing you also have 4 sides to get strong welds on.

Expanded metal top (diamond shape opening are 1 5/8 inches by 5/8 of a inch)

If the expanded metal has larger openings then it becomes weaker because the crosses are further away (example a tall tree will sway in the wind but a short stump will be solid). If the expanded metal has smaller openings then the thickness becomes smaller and therefore weaker. The expanded metal also allows for airflow. If you seal in your window well you crate a humid environment which causes more damage.

Every cut point on expanded metal welded to the frame

With every cut piece of the expanded metal is welded to the frame which will make the cover stronger and eliminates sharp edges.

Fabricated by certified welder

There are no legal certifications to make window well covers so make sure your covers are fabricated by a certified welder.

Powder coated

Powder coating is the best finish that can be put on metal to protect against rust and scratching. This is highly recommended to prolong the life of your window well covers.

Security locks

Security locks provide peace of mind. They allow the occupant to get out while keeping anyone on the outside from getting in.

If your window wells don’t have all 7 musts, please call us and we can help!

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Window Well Covers
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