Colorado Custom Welding Window Well Covers

Ordering window well covers can be a difficult decision, especially when there are so many different varieties and pre made ones. Check out this guide to purchasing window well covers to help make your decision.


Choose window well covers made from durable, rustproof materials. While clear plastic bubbles are available to cover the window wells, you must replace them periodically because they damage easily. Pick basement window covers made of aluminum, steel or polycarbonate materials. Each of these materials is durable and maintenance-free. (Did you know Colorado Custom Welding powder coats all of your window well covers in your choice of color to provide protection from rusting)


Pick basement window covers that fit inside the window well, if possible. They provide more security because they lock in place. You are less likely to bump the covers off their frame. (Did you know that Colorado Custom Welding comes and takes a custom template of each of your window well covers to ensure a tight fit)


Select covers that can support weight. If someone accidentally steps off the decking and onto the cover, you want the cover to support him. (Did you know that Colorado Custom Welding’s window well covers are made of durable steel, supporting heavy weights)


Buy window well covers that have a good warranty. Look for warranties that offer several years of coverage. (Did you know Colorado Custom Welding’s window well covers come with a lifetime warranty)


Select a style that matches the exterior of your house and that does what you want it to do. Pick reinforced mesh if you want better protection for children. Mesh allows more light into the basement than some other styles. Classic bars keep debris out and provide security for your basement windows. Polycarbonate in steel frames is sturdy and allows plenty of light into the basement. It’s not airtight, but it does restrict airflow into the basement windows. (Did you know Colorado Custom Welding can custom make any type of window well cover to fit your need)


Select the right size well cover for the opening. Measure the width of the window well where the well attaches to the house. Measure from the center point on the opening to the wall to get the projection. Measure from the top of the well to the top of the window to determine the height. Use that information along with the shape to order the window well covers. (Did you know Colorado Custom Welding can give you a price over the phone if you have the exact dimensions of your window wells)

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