meet the winner of the colorado custom welding giveaway


This is the story of David Dunnock and his beautiful son. They posted this story on our facebook page  and it won our hearts. Colorado custom welding will be providing $500 worth of services to the Dunnock family to help aid in their sons health. Please read the story below.

My instincts always tell me to avoid charity.  However I think this is a bad characteristic brought on by the current state of our society.  In light of that I will make the jump and at least share my sons story.  My son was born with Fanconi’s Anemia.  All I knew immediately was that he was born without thumbs and had his hands turned inward.  Luckily we had a doctor that knew that this was likely the cause of a rare disease.  We soon found out that my son had FA and would need a bone marrow transplant before his 8th birthday.  This has come to fruition.  My son received his bone marrow transplant on 1/23/2013.  Today he is doing very well, however, he is still on an immune-suppressant that makes him susceptible to things that you or I are never susceptible to. As such it has been my job at home to work towards creating a sanitary environment at home.  One might think that they would say get rid of dogs all together, but instead they currently understand the emotional relief that animal companions can provide and they believe it out ways the risk.  So my job became creating an outdoor environment that the dogs could do their thing, that I could keep as sanitary as possible.  The first step to that was to create a cement dog run that meets their needs which I have already done.  The second is about enclosing them into that area so that I can easily remove dangerous excrement and sanitizing the area regularly.Currently my son is doing very well, but based on his disease he will likely face cancer in his early 20’s.  However, the spirit of my son is something that I feel is a blessing to all as his innocence and will of spirit has done miracles to his recovery thus far.  Tomorrow will be day +50 of his 100 day requirement to stay in Minnesota.  Even after that it is near a year before he can leave the house, due to the risk of exposure to infection.  So in any case, I would be very humbled if your class was to nominate us to receive the gate that would allow us to keep our dogs in an area that we could easily maintain sanitary conditions, while still providing the companionship benefits that dogs provide to their child owners.  Thank you.

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