Window Well Covers

Why choose Colorado Custom Welding?
Each window well can vary in size and shape. 

When you order from us your window well covers will each be made custom, which means they will exactly fit your window well.

We can make a cover for any size or shape of window well.

Window Well Covers - Colorado Custom Welding

All our window well cover prices include:

  • Colorado Custom Welding taking custom templates of each well
  • Fabrication of the window wells
  • Locks and chains
  • Powder coating in the color of your choice
  • Installation
  • Taxes
Colorado Springs Window Well Cover -Colorado Custom Welding
Let's Get Started


  1. Take the measurements of your well
  2. Fill out the form below
  3. We’ll contact you with your free quote

To find the size of your window well follow the instructions below:

  1. Measure the width (along the house, measurement A)
  2. Measure the projection (out from the house, measurement B)
Measurement A as shown in the example image.
Measurement B as shown in the example image.
If you have more than one size, please indicate below the different sizes.