How Window Well Covers Protect Your Home and Family

Colorado Custom Welding window well covers can protect your home and family from many dangers. To find out how you can keep your pets, kids, family and wildlife safe with Colorado Custom Welding’s custom window well covers keep reading.

  1. Window well covers from Colorado Custom Welding protect children from falling into wells and getting injured. Uncovered window wells are a hazard to children as it is easy for them to fall down and become hurt or trapped.  Window well covers from Colorado Custom Welding have a lifetime warranty on all welds, which means they are strong enough to hold the weight of any family member who walks across them without fear of them falling.
  2. Colorado Custom Welding’s window well covers protect pets from falling in uncovered window wells.
  3. Wildlife is protected from falling and getting trapped in uncovered window wells when you cover your wells with Colorado Custom Welding’s window well covers. Wildlife is abundant in Colorado. Protect these animals from getting trapped in window wells by keeping them covered. Animals such as frogs, rabbits, mice, birds and even deer often loose their life due to uncovered window wells. Check out these videos of animals that have fallen victim to uncovered window wells:
  4. Colorado Custom Welding’s window well covers keep home intruders out of your home. All of Colorado Custom Welding’s window well covers come with chains and locks to help deter and keep any unwanted people from entering your home from the window well. The locks are made to prevent people from entering in your window wells but are easily opened from the inside in case of an emergency such as a fire.
  5. Debris such as toys, leafs and even snow can easily pile up in window wells if left uncovered. Colorado Custom Weldings window well covers are made with expanded metal that allows air and light to flow through but keeps most debris out of your window well.

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