Why Choose Colorado Custom Welding’s Window Well Covers?

You may have seen the window well covers at your local hardware store that look like this


This may seem like a great option to cover your window well, however, these pre made covers really do not do a great job of providing safety from your window well. These generic window wells also do not have many other added benefits of custom window well covers like those made by Colorado Custom Welding.

Just looking at the two covers side by side you can see the difference in functionality and looks.

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Colorado Custom Welding Window Well Cover
Pre Fabricated Window Well Cover


Colorado Custom Welding’s window well covers are different from the prefabricated ones in many ways.

  1. The metal used in Colorado Custom Welding’s covers is small enough to let air circulate through (this prevents a sauna forming in your window well)
  2. The metal he metal used in Colorado Custom Welding’s covers is small enough to prevent animals paws and children feet and hands from getting stuck
  3. Each window well cover made by Colorado Custom Welding is custom made which means there will not be large gaps
  4. You can pick a variety of powder coating colors to match your home (for a full list of colors available visit coloradocustomwelding.com and click on the colors tab)
  5. Colorado Custom Welding’s window well covers come with locks and chains for added security from intruders.

To learn more about how to order your custom window well cover visit us at http://www.coloradocustomwelding.com or email us at coloradocustomwelding@gmail.com

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