Why Do You Need Window Well Covers?



Are window well covers necessary? Some may see them as unnecessary but there are many reasons why having window well covers are a necessary investment for your home.

  1. Window well covers keep debris out of window wells. Window wells make for an easy place for trash, leafs, pine needles and toys to collect. By covering your window well with Colorado Custom Welding’s window well covers you can keep your window wells clean.
  2. Window well covers keep small animals from falling in or getting stuck in your window well. Wildlife is all around us and window wells are the perfect place for them to fall in. Covering you window wells protect animals from injury, death or entrapment in the wells.
  3. Window well covers keep your children, grandchildren or friends children safe. Children are curious and backyards should be a place where they can explore safely. Covering your window wells ensures your children can safely play without the worry of them or their toys falling down in the window wells.
  4. Window well covers keep your pets safe. Pets are likely to fall down and get stuck in window well covers. Keep your pet out of harms way by covering you window well cover.

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