colorado custom welding top ten tuesday…gates

Metal gates can add a wonderful decorative look to the inside or outside of your home. Here are the top ten gates for this week.

1. love the modern look of the metal mixed with a traditional gate.

2. here is another modern looking gate made with woven metal

3. the laser cut look adds a custom feel to your gate, you could have endless designs with this gate

4. what a great gate for the entrance of your house, a great first impression.

5. this gate allows for the natural surroundings of the house to be brought into other elements of the design.

6. this gate makes a statement!

7. yee haw! This is country living at its best!

8. another great gate for the open range

9. a classic gate

10. what a unique design

Don’t forget that colorado custom welding can custom make any gate for you. 303-596-2071 or

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