Advantages of Colorado Custom Welding Metal Railings

Advantages Of Metal Railings




Metal Railing � Convenience And Durability

The article gives the advantage of metal railing over the other materials and the different types of metals in which the railings can be made. Metal railings have inherent advantages over other materials like PVC, wood glass etc. The advantages can be enumerated as follows.

Small and lightweight sections can be made to suit purpose. 

No rot or splintering like wood railings

Designs can be personalized with relative ease. 

Can be made from casting or flat product to suit your style and budget

They are more durable than the wood or PVC even in out door conditions

Once given a coat of powder-coated paint, it becomes long lasting and life in excess of 25 to 30 years can be achieved.

Requires no maintenance other than wiping off with a wet cloth

The Metals in Common Use In Railings

Many metals are used in making railings. The common materials used are,

Stainless Steel: Stainless steel is the most commonly use material in railing. This is because of its large weight to strength ratio and the ability to retail luster for long time with no maintenance and also due the fact that it does not corrode. The workability of stainless steel is high and it can pass through power presses without damage. It gives a modern look to the building

Wrought iron: Another common material used in railing is wrought iron. This material gives a period look to the building. The weight of the railings made out of wrought iron is high. The maintenance requirements are almost nil. A coat of paint applied properly, will make look as new and no further care other than cleaning is required. If there is a breakage, it is difficult to weld and has to be replaces. The replacement may not be available in the same design

Aluminum: Lightweight and durable, aluminum is suitable for straight lines and square shapes. The workability of aluminum is low and where lines are curved, aluminum is generally not preferred. Maintenance requirements are the same as stainless steel and aluminum has a long life

Brass used to be a favored material for the rich and famous in the medieval times. This material has lost its place in the railing industry and now it is rarely used except as a covering for railing. The covering is maintenance prone in the sense that it requires to be polished frequently to make it look new.

Therefore, out of the four materials mentioned above, only stainless steel finds extensive use in modern buildings.


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