Glenwood Springs Vacation Home Railing

Colorado Custom Welding has been busy finishing up this unique railing for a vacation home in Glenwood Springs, Colorado. The railing features a unique design which caters to the staircase. The challenge to creating a railing for this vacation home was the fact that the railing had to go all the way up the stairs … Read more

The advantage of metal railings vs. wood for your home

Colorado Custom Welding can make any railing to fit the custom need of your home. Check out the following reasons why metal railings are the best product for your home and than make sure to visit to order your own custom railing. 1. Railings can be powder coated or painted to match the décor … Read more

Advantages of Colorado Custom Welding Metal Railings

Advantages Of Metal Railings            Metal Railing � Convenience And Durability The article gives the advantage of metal railing over the other materials and the different types of metals in which the railings can be made. Metal railings have inherent advantages over other materials like PVC, wood glass etc. The advantages can … Read more

Wood vs. Metal Railing

Wood vs. Metal Railing

Trying to decide what railing will be best for your home? Metal railings offer a beautiful alternative to wood with many advantages that wood cannot offer. For example, metal railings require almost no up keep (no painting or worry about chipping or rotting banisters). Also metal railings come in many different customizable designs (did you know you can design your own railing at For more information check out this article about the differences between a wood and a metal railing.