How do I measure a window well cover?

How do I measure a window well cover?

Need a window well cover for your home? If you can measure the width and the height of your window well, Colorado Custom Welding can give you a direct quote over the phone. In order to measure your window well follow these few easy steps and than give a call at 303-596-2071 or e mail at to get you quote.

Instructions on measuring your window well

1 Measure the width of the window well from corner to corner along the well’s front edge using a tape measure.

2 Place the tip of the tape measure against the window and pull out the tape measure to the front edge to measure the well’s depth.

3 Measure the window well’s height from the ground level to the top edge of the well’s front.

4 Check the height of the window by measuring from the top of the window to the bottom of the window well.

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